6 Tips for designing your custom stickers and labels for maximum impact

Custom stickers and labels are a great way to add personality and style to your products, as well as promote your brand or product. From logos and slogans to images and text, these small details can make all the difference in catching someone’s eye. But designing custom stickers and labels that have maximum impact isn’t always easy. With the right tips, however, you can create designs that will help make your products stand out from the competition – and we’ve got six of them!

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1. Start by brainstorming what you want your stickers and labels to say

Brainstorming what you want your custom stickers and labels to say is a great way to get creative and come up with ideas that will make your design stand out. It’s important to consider not just the words that are used, but how they’re arranged and what kind of message they convey. Writing down keywords, phrases, and ideas can help you create an effective statement that will pop on your custom label or sticker.

2. Decide on a color scheme that will complement your branding

When it comes to stickers and labels, color is key! Choosing the right colors can bring out the best in your design and help make your custom labels more eye-catching. Consider using colors from your existing branding to create a cohesive look, or incorporate bold hues to make your design pop. When in doubt, opt for a timeless color scheme such as black and white.

3. Choose a font that is easy to read

The font you select should be legible at different sizes and be appropriate for the message you are conveying. Consider using a combination of serif and sans-serif fonts to add visual interest, but make sure the font is easy to read even when it’s small. Keep in mind that some fonts may be difficult to reproduce with certain printing methods, so make sure the font you pick will work with the method you plan to use for your stickers and labels.

4. Keep the layout simple and streamlined

When designing your custom stickers and labels, it’s important to keep the design simple and easy to read. Too much information can make the design look cluttered, so try to limit your text and only include essential details. Beauty brand The Ordinary does this perfectly if you are looking for inspiration. Additionally, you want to strike a balance between making sure all the crucial information is included, and not overwhelming your design with too much detail.

5. Make sure all of your text is legible

The last thing you want is for someone to be unable to read your custom sticker or label due to illegible text! To ensure that your text stands out and is easy to read at a glance, use a font size that is large enough to be clearly seen. Also, pay attention to the spacing between letters and words – too much space can make your text difficult to read.

6. Use graphics or icons to add visual interest

Graphics or icons are a great way to add personality and style to your stickers and labels. You can use them to draw attention to important information or break up long paragraphs of text. Just make sure the graphics are relevant to your brand and complement the overall design.

With these tips, you can create custom stickers and labels that will help make your products stand out from the competition. Take some time to think about what you want your designs to say, how you want them to look, and how they can best represent your brand. With the right design and the right sticker maker, your stickers and labels can be an effective way to promote your product or service!

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