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Is Microsoft’s One Version Initiative Right For Your Business?

You may have heard about the One Version initiative, but are you sure it is right for you? If not, here are some important things to consider. This update format will help you stay updated without any downtime. Microsoft releases one major update every two weeks, and these update cycles are called Wave Releases. Wave Releases include numerous application updates, plus general platform improvements and regulatory updates. The One Version update format will help you stay current with the latest updates, while staying compliant and customized for your specific business needs.

First of all, One Version updates are frequent. Not only do they improve the reliability of Microsoft’s cloud-based solutions, but they also enable customers to get new features and functionality without any major downtime. Another benefit is that it minimizes the impact of security patches and prevents any disruptions to your operations. This makes One Version updates much more predictable and less expensive. And, when you want to stay up-to-date, you can easily migrate to the latest version of Dynamics 365, so you can take advantage of the One Version updates from Avantiico.

While Microsoft has not publicly revealed the number of customers using the new D365FO, the company is increasing its investment in the product. Compared to the Dynamics 365 product line, the D365FO has a growing user base, with more than a thousand active users. And the number of customers is expected to grow over the next few years, as Microsoft is working to improve the software’s end-of-life. You can also upgrade or migrate your existing Dynamics 365 version to the new D365FO version.

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