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The Benefits and Disadvantages of French Casement Windows

If you’ve been thinking about upgrading your windows, you may have considered installing French casement windows. The windows are easy to operate, low maintenance, and increase energy efficiency. You can also customize the look of your windows with intricate patterns and colors. Plus, the windows are affordable. But what about maintenance? You should know about the advantages and disadvantages of French casement windows before you make the decision to install them. Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of French casement windows.

The classic look of French casement windows is evident in their design. In-swing casements are characterized by a gap between the window and the hinge, which allows for easy cleaning. The window’s half-width opening makes it easy to clean the inside pane while keeping the hinge components in good working order. In addition to their historical charm, these windows offer unparalleled ease of use. In addition to incorporating historic features, French casement windows are also popular because they are low-maintenance.

Casement windows can be made of uPVC or aluminium. Regardless of the materials used to build them, they are available in a variety of sizes to match different types of homes. In addition to wood, casement windows are also available in uPVC or timber effect clad. The windows are airtight, so they will help keep cold air out and heat in during the colder months. Whether you choose uPVC or aluminium frames, casement windows are a great option for any home toonily.

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