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Water Filter Types Comparison

There are five common water filter types. Understanding them is critical before buying. To start, you must know what contaminants you want removed from your water. Check your city or state’s tap water database to find out which contaminants are present. Depending on the level of contaminants, you might need a water filtration system that will remove more than just chlorine and other chemicals. To make the decision easier, here are some examples of the most popular water filter types.

Reverse osmosis uses pressure to force water through a semipermeable membrane that allows water to pass. Choose this method if you want clean, clear water without a taste. Reverse osmosis filters work well with running water from a tap. However, if you prefer water that has low levels of bacteria and impurities, you should look into a different type of water filter. Some systems also remove chlorine and other chemicals that cause bad tastes.

To understand how effective carbon and KDF filters are, read the lab test reports for each filter. Usually, most carbon water filter manufacturers will refuse to provide independent tests. However, Berkey water purifiers by New Millenium Concepts Ltd. remove hundreds of contaminants and drop the pH level by about one point. That’s significantly acidic compared to unfiltered tap water. However, the Berkey water filter is not available online.

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